Yogurt as an Acne Remedy


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In many countries all over the world, yogurt holds a special place. In the Balkan region, millions of people couldn’t imagine a proper breakfast without this milk-based beverage. Across the globe, in the US, people indulge in frozen yogurt as a healthier substitute for ice cream.

But, as CBS recently reported, the same product might soon find its place in the assortment of substances that can be used to fight an acne outbreak. In their article, Dr. Brian Horvath, a dermatologist who works in this field, recommends Greek yogurt or any other brand that includes probiotics. He cites one study that showed a test group which was given yogurt during an eight week trial. Around three quarters of those who took part show less acne lesions compared to the control group.

The benefit of yogurt when it comes to acne treatment is seen in the presence of useful bacteria in it. These bacteria, which are also the reason why the yogurt brands are called probiotic (the word represent microorganism that are helpful to the body), can impact the formation of pimples. Their presence lessens the impact of inflammation in the body, and individual acne often includes these inflammations, which then cause acne scarring. Other studies show that ingesting yogurt produces less oiliness of the skin, which is a precursor to acne formation.

While there are signs that show that yogurt can work as a face mask, where the good microorganism kill or at least hamper the bad ones located in the inflamed area, their main benefit is shown when it becomes a part of the diet. But Horvath underlines that yogurt should be only seen a complimenting element to a regular acne treatment procedure. This means that, for example, using Greek yogurt for acne should include more of it being eaten then put on the face as a mask, but in both cases, it shouldn’t be used as the principal remedy.

The theory, although in its beginning phase, shows a lot of promise, mainly because it looks at acne formation as a broader problem that impacts the entire body, and not just the skin. By including probiotic cultures found in yogurt in the dietary regime of any individuals, there are many digestive benefits to be had. The same reasoning then shows that a healthier state of the digestive tract would also provide a healthier state of the skin in general.

Because of these facts, using yogurt could prove to be an important ally in the battle against acne.

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