Use of Argan Oil in Skin Care

La Tourangelle Argan Oil

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Argan oil is derived from the nut of the Argan tree fruit, which is grown in the northern part of Africa, mostly in Morocco. Similarly to other famous plant cultures from the Mediterranean area, like olive trees, an Argan tree has a very long life span, and is regularly able to reach an age of 200 years. At the same time, the tree begins to bear fruit several decades after it has had been planted. Because of this, it is not uncommon to see the first fruits from an Argan tree half a century after its seed had been put into the ground.

This makes Argan oil very precious and more importantly, very rare. For many generations, it has been used as a traditional treatment for some skin conditions and illnesses, as well as beauty products. Because of this, the substance is sometimes also called the liquid gold of Morocco. It composition acts as a moisturizer, and can help in the specific process like the healing acne damage. It is also supposed to reduce flaking of the skin. Here are some of the ways this oil is regularly used all over the world.

Using Argan oil on the scalp will reduce the occurrence of dandruff, and simple appliance of the oil on a piece of cotton will produce a difference. It will also add moisture to dry hair and return some of the shine to it.

Using the oil on the skin of the face will grant the users moisturizer benefits, which also include a gradual production of clearer and smoother skin. If it is used on hands, the oil of the Argan tree will help the skin but it can also reduce brittleness in nails, as well as making them less prone to peeling. In the same manner, Argan oil can be applied as a complete body hydration agent, which should produce the best results if it is applied after showering, when the skin pores become more open.

This all makes the substance a valuable aid in the general skin care, while relatively small amounts needed mean that a single bottle can last a long time. By using Argan oil beauty and the overall state of the skin should be substantially increased.

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