Top 5 DIY Exfoliating Ingredients you Already Have in Your Home

exfoliate-your-bodyThe process of exfoliation is crucial for a healthy and vibrant skin. With the removal of the dead epidermis cells and other unwanted elements, the skin is provided with the chance to regrow itself, providing it with a smoother and more elastic quality. Often, exfoliating products are costly and might include elements or chemical compounds can turn away some people.

But, many natural products can also be used as a means of exfoliating and even more importantly, they do not have to include any additional elements. Some of these elements work using an abrasive principle while others utilize naturally forming acids and other mildly corrosive chemical compounds that will clear away the unwanted layer on the skin. They all have in common the fact that anyone can make them in their own home, using only items available in any supermarket. Here is the list of the top 5 DIY exfoliating masks that everyone can make.

5. Salt
Ordinary kitchen salt is an ingredient that can be used for the process of exfoliating. The mixture should be made using salt and olive oil, which is then gently rubbed on the skin in circular motions, using a fine cloth. The fine grains of salt will act as an abrasive substance that will take off the dead skin and remove it from the face, while oil acts as a natural barrier that stops any potential infection from forming during the process.

4. Brushing

For this DIY exfoliating process, only a natural bristle brush is needed. With it, you should gently go over your skin and brush away in long motions. With brushing, the entire surface of the body can be exfoliated, which should be finished with a shower and appliance of some moisturizing product.

3.  Milk

Thanks to the presence of lactic acid in it, the milk can act as an exfoliating compound. The same acid is powerful enough that it does not even require any scrubbing. Instead, it should only be applied on the skin, especially dry patches, and left there for a period of time. In theory, milk would also be effective if you add a few cups of it to your bath, but expect really mild results because of the small amount that is actually in the water (unless you plan to actually bathe in milk, which is expensive but would probably do wonders for you just like it did for Cleopatra).

2. Baking soda

The effects that baking soda includes antimicrobial potential and it will act as an exfoliating compound if mixed with some honey and water and then applied to the skin. The same ability is just one more use of the already incredibly versatile kitchen products.

1. Citrus Acids

The most potent and health of the list, citrus fruits contain acids that are simply brilliant natural compound when it comes to exfoliating. By providing a natural peel effect, they are easy to use and get the job done in no time at all. Additionally, they work their magic on dark spots as well, so using them often brings a double benefit. To use their power, just combine a bit of juice from an orange or two and combine it with some yogurt. Basically, this is all it takes to get the ultimate DIY exfoliating mixture.

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