3 “Woops’ I Forgot” Moments in Anti-Aging Care

The Beauty of Old Age

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Caring for your skin is an around the clock kind of process. Even when things are going great, it pays off to be careful and diligent in keeping up with the regular skin care routine you developed over the years. But, what if that same routine includes some big flaws? Often, we tend to focus on miniscule details, and neglect the bigger picture. Many people believe they have all the skin care bases covered, brushing them off as something they mastered a long time ago. Experience tells us that many of those simply forgot about something (or never truly learned it), and here is your chance to catch up on your basic skin care knowledge, making sure that there are no woops’ moments in this regard.

1. Using Sunscreen

Everyone likes a nice tan line, but there is a big danger in neglecting the use of sunscreen. Exposure to the sun can cause mayor aging damage so it’s vital that you apply sunscreen no matter what. An SPF of 30 or stronger one is recommended, and use it by applying at least a full glass used for liquor shots (around one once), and do it at least 20 minutes before going out in the sun. Apply a new layer every two to three hours as longs as you remain in the sun.

2. Taking Care of your Hands

Hands, along with the face, are one of the most exposed parts of the skin, and ones that show aging first. By being exposed to the world constantly, they weather much of the damage from the outside environment, while the hands have the additional privilege of being in regular contact with many chemical substances often found in any household. This makes them prone to dryness, spots caused by aging and many more things. Applying moisturizer on the hands is simply an everyday task, even outside of the cold season. In other case, any showing of hands will express your age by adding an extra decade or two.

3. Disregarding your Neck

Similar to the hands, your neck will undoubtedly bear the brunt of the outside world. The irony is that many anti-aging lotions and other product do wonders on the skin of the neck, but women fail to apply them on these skin areas. The same goes for the upper chest area and the decolletage. While these areas would benefit from any anti-aging product (better than nothing), it’s also important to understand that these areas have their own distinctive needs when it comes to skin care. These needs should be met to achieve the best results.

By making sure you remember these facts, you also help your skin to avoid any premature aging or similar unwanted effects.

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