The Growth of At-Home Skin Care Devices

Massaging Devices of Old

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Everyone loves a good gadget and it seems like the skin care industry is no exception. According to a Skininc article (which cites a research produced by Mintel), people are buying more and more skin care at-home beauty devices. This is the same reason why the market for the same devices continues to expand, with more and more manufacturers entering the field.

On it, sonic cleansing brushes are one of the most sought after devices. They are mostly bought by women between the ages of 18 and 24, who are looking for an exfoliating process, along with an additional effect of cleansing oily and acne-ridden skin. The research also showed that younger women are more interested in airbrush makeup devices and those which produce a skin care massaging effect while older women showed a more generalized interest in the products from the same field.

The researchers at Mintel believe that the same customers are primarily interested in receiving professional results from the comfort of their own home. Mintel also predicts that wearable devices and other advanced technology are going to further push the skin care device market offer. Interestingly, many devices, like skin massagers, produce much interest on the market, but are not used by the majority of those who buy them. This is understandable because many women simply decided that they do not have the time to use all the devices they own, which is why many end up sitting in their original packaging, stacked somewhere in the backs of closets.

While new devices are welcomed, the numbers show that many women fail to thoroughly research the thing they are purchasing. This is the reason why the same devices end up not being used frequently, or even at all. So, before you get dazzled by a new slick skin care device and its video promotional material that cites amazing benefits, read up for how long are you supposed to use it and on what basis (daily, weekly, etc.) and other important facts.

This will help you get the things you really need, without cluttering your home with nice, but useless gadgets (like the one on the articles image).

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