Sonya Dakar Red Carpet Skincare Tips

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Sonya Dakar is a veteran when it comes to celebrity skincare, especially the face region. For years, this name was the ace in the sleeve of many Hollywood stars that looked for that extra shine during the important events like the Oscars, including smashing beauties like Jennifer Lawrence. Now, Dakar shared her tips that can help any woman to achieve that perfect red carpet skin during her skincare boot camp. Here are the essentials of their skincare philosophy:

1. No Injectable

Darakr is completely against the use of any injections in skincare treatment. This means that all her clients need to take her route and do things the harder and more natural way.

2. Healthy Lifestyle

Darakr believes in a strong collaboration between key lifestyle points of exercise, diet and a skin that is healthy. She also suggests to her clients before any big event that they drink plenty of water, stay gluten free and engage in regular exercise.

3. Peeling

Darakr often employs peeling, especially her favorite one, the Diamond Peel. This is the method how she removes acne and lines on all opened parts of the skin.

4. Facial Treatments

Her clients often have regular facial treatments, which include LED lights, radio frequency and even use of stem cells. This manages closure of the pores and adds a more youthful look to the skin.

5. Patience before the Event

Darakr strongly suggests to their clients that all aggressive treatments cease at least 48 hours before the event they are preparing for. This mitigates the chance of something going wrong and producing a lot of problems that can’t be fixed.

6. Serum

Use of oils and serums gives Dakar’s clients the glow she is famous for. She primarily suggests the use of liquid gold omega serum which can be used just before applying makeup.

7. Homework

Dakar is a staunch believer in regular and continuous effort that allows for maximum results. This is why she gives her clients up to seven products that they need to use every night. This way, she makes skincare an integral part of everyday life and the results are clear to see for everyone.

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