Protecting your Tattoos from Fading

Photo Credit Alan Antiporda

Getting a tattoo isn’t all about standing the pain and then showing it off. Like any other body modification, tattoos are in need of care and maintenance that will help them keep their color and structure. If you don’t give provide them with this care, the natural processes in the skin and around it will gradually fade them out, making the lines less clear and the color (even if it’s a single one) less vibrant. In the end, they will look more like a mesh or a stain than a precious body modification you care about. Fortunately, preserving tattoos isn’t much different from regular skin care. Here are the steps you should take to protect your tattoos from fading out.

1. Staying Clear of the Sun

You probably don’t mind that other people see your tattoos, especially on the beach, but the sun is the most important factor in tattoo fading. Using a strong sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or higher is a must, and carefully covering the tattooed area should be repeated every two hours.

2. Skin Hydration

General skin care methods work for tattoos too, and moisturizing is no different. Applying moisturizer cream on a tattooed will prevent the skin in question from getting brittle and dry, which can gradually erode the ink from your epidermis along with the layers of dead skin.

3. Avoiding Strong Chemical Substances

Household cleaning products can degrade tattoos, but most know that they are bad for the skin in general. Chlorine is an especially big enemy of any kind of tattoos because its composition can drain the color of the ink. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid swimming pools, but you should definitely restrict your time in them. Also, you should wash off any pool water when you get out, and then use some moisturizer on your tattoos when you’re done.

Thinking about these things will help you make sure that  the color and structure of your tattoos doesn’t fade out just a couple of years after you left the tattoo parlor.

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