Product Review – Vichy: Idealia life serum

Vichy is very well-known brand in the market for skin care and beauty, and their product (which bears a little too extravagant and overdramatic name) called Idealia Life Serum is designed to help out in skin aging process which is connected to our everyday behavior. These include, of course, harmful behavior like lack of sleep, stress, sun exposure and inadequate diet. Vichy claims that the product makes a difference in both the look of the skin and its quality (meaning it should rejuvenate it not only in appearance but also in terms of overall skin health).

Vichy: Idealia Life Serum is supposed to produce an equally spread out and natural tan gloss, decrease the size of skin pores as well as some wrinkles. Vichy claims that this product includes an ingredient which can produce all this, and it is called LR2412. This is the name of a jasmonic acid derivate and the company believes it has strong regenerative properties when it comes to the epidermis.

The product comes in a very sleek bottle in pink overtones which looks more like a perfume than a skin care product. It has a sweet scent, and its texture is that of a thick gel. Once it is applied, Idealia Life Serum is absorbed rather quickly, giving the skin a slightly glossy skin if it is used in larger measure (and which isn’t hard, having in mind its absorption speed), which isn’t something many women like, so be aware of it. At the same time, its moisturizing properties are unmistakably present, and it does this without feeling too heavy on the skin.

Differing on the country, Vichy: Idealia Life Serum is currently (august of 2014) priced at around 60 US dollars per bottle, which holds 30mL (because of its thickness, a single bottle should easily last months).

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