Miranda Kerr’s DIY Skin Care Green Tea Steam Treatment


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Miranda Kerr is known all over the world for her beauty, mainly as a Victoria Secret’s angel. Since becoming a planetary celebrity almost a decade ago, she started her skincare line called Kora Organics and also tried her hand in creating a self-help book. Throughout this period, she remained as beautiful as ever, especially when it comes to her impeccable skin.

Recently, in a newsletter for her company, she told the subscribers that the secret to keeping hold onto her glowing skin was, among other things, green tea steam sessions she applied to her face. According to her, the regime begins with cleansing her face area with one regular and one exfoliating product, which are both designed to clean the pores.

After that, she steams her face over freshly boiled water that holds a green tea bag, which is covered by a towel (designed to stop burns from occurring). In this manner, she recommends that a person spends a few minutes, allowing the substances from the green tea to penetrate the outer layers of the skin. This way, the antioxidant properties of the green tea should reach the skin cells of the face, while the heat should allow for blood vessels to open up and bring more blood and nutrients to the same area.

In the last few years, green tea steadily entered the fold when it comes to skin care products, and this technique practiced by Miranda seems pretty legit, even though the antioxidant benefits should take a close second place to the benefit of the hot towel (practiced by barbers for several centuries).

But essentially, this DIY approach is grounded in science, especially because of the fact that tannins, a polyphenolic compound, and an integral part of green tea, acts as an antiseptic. Of course, people with facial blood flow issues (who carry a higher risk of localized bleeding), medical conditions like Rosacea or severe acne outbreaks, and those who undertook chemical peels recently should steer clear of this method.

For others, Miranda Kerr’s DIY green tea steam treatment should be given a try.

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