Kate Moss’s Approach to Skincare and Skin-Icing

Kate Moss is one of those celebrities that are rare and far between in any generation. As a fashion model that rocked the world with unique and strong presence, slender (even frail) figure and a beautiful and distinctive face, Moss had a very turbulent personal life which more than once included substance abuse and other unhealthy elements (to put it mildly). All this had the potential to age her skin prematurely, but in spite of a hectic lifestyle she once had lived, Moss is looking gorgeous as ever. In fact, the 40-year-old can easily pass as a much younger woman, especially when it comes to her great skin. Recently, British news portal The Guardian asked her about her habits when it comes to skincare, and Moss provided somewhat of an unexpected answer.

When asked for her skincare secret, Moss said: “Ice in the morning (skin-icing).” What does this involve? You wrap ice cubes in a cloth and rub them over your face. Apparently this reduces puffiness, wrinkles, pores and suchlike. Some gurus even recommend using cubes of frozen fruit juice (read the entire article here).

From a science point of view, skin-icing isn’t as ridiculous as it might sound. Ice has the potential to constrict blood vessels and thus the general levels of surface circulation, which is very appreciated for a sports injury involving swelling. The same applies to the skin of the face, when a cold object can reduce swelling in the face, especially in the morning.

Once the cold object is removed, the vessels expand once more, which will aid the process of removing fluids from bags under the eyes. At the same time, because of the fact that the cubes are wrapped in a cloth, there is no danger of producing damage by applying ice directly on the skin (which has the potential to freeze the cells and kill them).
As far as wrinkles are concerned, this remedy seems less potent, and there are no facts that point towards a possible way ice could aid in their reduction in the long run. The same goes for frozen cubes of fruit juices, which could actually be harmful because of the acidity in fruits like orange.

Moss may be on something with skin-icing, but only as a short solution to morning puffiness, and as a bit longer aid in the reduction of bags under the eyes. But, having in mind that it costs absolutely nothing, even this could be very beneficial to all those who need to look great first thing in the morning.

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