How to Stave off the Effects of Airborne Toxins


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Are you worried d about the effects of all the toxins that are located in the air? Well, while you shouldn’t panic or buy a gas mask, these really can speed up the aging process of your skin. Read more and learn how this process can be avoided even if you live in a huge city filled with fumes, smog, and other airborne toxins.

The Toxic Nature of the Contemporary World

The modern world brings about many advantages and most of those can be traced back to technological advances made in the previous two centuries. During this period, the planet was transformed from a mostly agricultural society to an industrial one. In this transition, which continues to this day, the landscape of the world was covered by cities, roads, railways and many other features which brought about many improvements, ranging from our very own lifespans to the way we communicate, live, travel and work. While this technology brought huge benefits, it also produced a lot of toxins and pollution, which simply did not exist 200 years ago. This is true for practically every big population center in any country in the world. Here is what you can do to avoid the same toxins from doing too much damage to your skin.

The Inner Way

Help your body fight the pollution’s free radicals from within by including foods that are rich in antioxidants. Fruits, including prunes, raspberries and strawberries are ideal for this purpose, and so are many types of nuts and vegetable. Having a rich in antioxidants diet will help your body put a stop to the pollution induced aging process of your skin.

The Outer Way

Firstly, you need to employ a sunscreen with a high factor (SPF 30 or up) and regular exfoliation treatments which take off all the toxins embedded in the upper layers of your skin. This is a necessity no matter if you’re in the countryside or a bustling metropolis. Then, for that extra protection from airborne pollution, look for topical antioxidant serums and creams, which you should use both during the day and the night. While one product of your choice is enough, keep an eye out for the protection it is giving you. If you notice that it does not produce a desired effect, feel free to change the brand after two or three months of continued use. Also, don’t forget to consult your retailers – they will usually be able to provide you with advice about products that are most effective in the local environment and for the local pollution type/levels.

With these inner and outer defense systems, your skin will have a fighting chance against all forms of airborne pollution.

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