How to Properly Care for Dry Skin

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Having a skin type that is prone to dryness might seem like a living skincare nightmare. From flaking to other issues, people who have it often wonder what can be done to mend their condition. While there is no single solution that can magically change this (skin type is regulated and defined by a whole range of body functions), there are several important elements of properly caring for any type of dry skin. Here are the most important ones:

Cleaning the Face before Going to Bed

While this is a solid advice for anyone, people with dry skin should always clean their face before going to sleep. They shouldn’t use an aggressive, hard soap (which washes off the fatty acids that act as a protector of moisture in the skin) and instead, they should go for products that already include a moisturizer agent. The same process should not be repeated after waking up when rinsing the face with water alone should be enough.

Choosing the Right Face Skincare Products

Always choose mild products that include moisturizers and also synthetic ceramides. These belong in the family of waxy lipid molecules and enforce the skin’s ability to retain moisture. On the other hand, always avoid products which contain artificial scents, alcohol and antibacterial properties (especially when it comes to soaps).

Don’t take Long, Hot Showers

We all know that sometimes, getting into a nice, warm shower after a hard day can feel like a spiritual experience. Warm water can erode the natural protection away from your skin, and hotter it is the more devastating it will be on the same layers. Limit your exposure to warm water to less than 15 minutes and try your best to keep the temperature level optimal, not overly hot.

Be Gentle

Whatever you might be doing with the skin of your face, including makeup or anything else, should include gentle and delicate skin contacts. This is especially important for the area around your eyes which is exceedingly prone to damage.

Mechanical Peeling

Getting rid of dead skin cells is a beneficial process, mainly because it allows moisturizing agents to penetrate deeper and thus be more effective. But, a dry skin type can be damaged by the use of these procedures so having any type of peeling should include an advice from a pharmacist, dermatologist or cosmetic expert. Peeling products that are based on fruit acids should always be avoided because they regularly dry out any type of skin.

Thinking about these facts will not change your dry skin type, but can make it a lot healthier and also more beautiful.

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