Homemade Remedies for Clearing up Age Spots

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Age spots are one of the most prominent signs of aging and there is no subtle way how this fact can be covered up or masked.

Even worse, age spots are most frequent on the backs of the hands, but also in the neck and face area. Many decades ago, women had the option to wear long gloves in every season, which stood a chance of somewhat covering those pesky spots. Today, this option is not on the table anymore. So, it is completely normal to be frustrated by this skin aberration.

While many women would not opt for spending their life wrapped in scarfs and gloves even if this was available today, it is understandable if those same women would prefer not to have these signs of age. But, there is no need to despair. There are several effective DIY and homemade remedies that can help out in getting rid of age spots.

What are Age Spots?

This occurrence represents a part of the skin are discolored in a way that makes them look brown or even yellow. They are flat and harmless and are the direct results of aging damage which come from UV radiation, toxins that are digested over time and many other factors that make the skin show its age in this manner. Usually, when a person goes over the age of 40, these will begin to appear. It is important to realize that age spots are not a medical issue in any way, but spots on the skin can be caused by other, more serious problems, like liver imbalance. If you see spots forming on your skin in a rapid manner, consult your medical caregiver just to be sure.

Clearing up Age Spots with DIY Remedies

The act of clearing age spots is actually a bit gruesome when you go to the basic mechanism – you should, in a variety of methods, peel the upper layer of your skin. With it, you will also take down the age spots, or at least significantly reduce them. While this might sound painful and uncomfortable, it is harmless if you do not go over your recommended treatment plan. Also, while you apply one of these DIY remedies for clearing off age spots, you should apply a UV sunscreen with a high factor every time you go out, because all of these will leave your skin thinner, and thus more vulnerable to sun burns.

Here are several homemade remedies that you can try in your battle against these spots:

  • Apple Vinegar and Onion Juice – Vinegar made from apple cider should be mixed with an onion juice (you can get it by blending an onion and rinsing the pulp) in equal part. This mix should be applied to age spots for 30 minutes every day (cotton pads should be used) and its natural acids should peel down the skin layers.
  • Lemon – This is pretty much similar to vinegar/onion mix, but somewhat less aggressive, so you can apply it twice or three times a day for 25 minutes. It should also take a bit longer to show any results.
  • Stinging Nettle – a tea made from this plant should be applied also via cotton pads on age spots. Once again, its naturally occurring acids will take down a layer of the skin and some of the spots with it. Use it like apple vinegar and onion mixture, meaning half an hour on a daily basis.

Warning: Do not overdo any of these treatments because it can lead to burns forming on your skin.

You are free to try any or all of these DIY home remedies for age spots, but don’t forget sunscreen and do not overdo it (we’re mentioning this once again, just to be sure), because all of these take weeks to show improvements.

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