DIY Sweet Potato Face Mask


Photo Credit U.S. Department of Agriculture

The modest potato comes from the group of vegetables that is a regular element in diets all over the world. In the 19th century, the potato was used to save millions of lives from starvation when it proved to be a great exchange for regular (and often failing) Eurasians crops like wheat. Today, we mostly see it in the form of mashed potatoes or French fries, but the same modest potato holds many health benefits, especially in the domain of skin care.

Although these benefits are sometimes exaggerated, the fact is that potatoes can be effectively used in treating skin care issues connected with aging, as well as playing a role in skin care prevention. This is the result of the presence of Catechol oxidase enzyme (used in cosmetics for clearing the dark spots from the skin), Vitamin A, E and C in sweet potatoes, all of which are great for the skin. Also, lactic acid in the potato works as an exfoliating agent that takes care of dead skin cells.

Because of this, potato face mask is great for rejuvenating the area around the eyes, where it also helps with the removal of swelling, small wrinkles, bags under the eyes and bloating of the face. It is also important to point out that potato skin mask is suitable for all skin types and there are no known side effects with its use.

Creating a Do it yourself potato face mask is very simple. You will need 4 teaspoons of finely graded raw sweet potato and 2 pieces of gauze. The graded potato mesh should be placed on the gauze piece (2 spoons per piece) and the mask is basically done. Now, all that you should do is place the lower side of the gauze on the area of the face you desire to treat.

There, the potato face mask should be left up to 30 minutes, and then the area can be rinsed off with warm water or chamomile tea. The same procedure can then be repeated up to 3 times per week to maximize the results.

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