Carroten – An Interesting Tanning Aid


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Greece is already known for its sun and seas, so it’s no surprise that many visitors to this Mediterranean country come back with a great tan. But, in the same country, a company called Carroten created several products which can be a big help in the process of getting a healthy and beautiful tan.

Carroten was established in the first years of 1980s, and the name of the company was derived from their decision to harness the skin care advantages of the simple carrot. This plant contains vitamins like A and E, while it also includes antioxidant properties. But, the key ingredient is called beta-carotene (β-carotene), which is in fact a brightly colored red pigment. By adding it to their lotions and creams, the company was able to produce a range of products which can aid in the process of creating of a richer, deeper tan. The normal sun tanning process will also produce a darker skin tone but use of Carroten will help it gain that more compact and smoother tan note which is instantly recognizable.

Now, the company is synonymous with a Greece experience, and Carroten tanning oil and other products can be seen on many beaches in the country, and more and more, all over the world. Intensive Tanning gel for extreme Sun-touched color is one of the most common products sold by Carroten, and it comes in a form of a very thick and deeply red gel, infused with the coconut aroma which gives it a very pleasant smell. Aside from the beta-carotene, it includes a moisturizing agent, which should provide the skin with enough hydration. The gel is incredibly dense, so a single pack will surely last throughout even to longest vacation.

But, the most important thing about it is the fact that is sun protection is not present. The Intensive Tanning gel doesn’t include any sunscreen ingredients, which means that the tanning process should be enjoyed in the late afternoon hours, or else a person could end up with sunburns. Also, any tanning session shouldn’t last for more than 30 minutes, so that the skin has the chance to “take a break”.

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