Autumn Skin Care Tips


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When the leaves on the branches begin to change the color from green to a more yellow and red specter, we all know that fall is upon us. Thanks to the global climate change, many regions experience a lot shorter transient seasons, and this means less spring and autumn months, and a lot more summer and winter ones. In spite of this fact, the fall is still a relevant period for skincare, because of the fact that the outside environment will begin to change, and with the ways it impacts your skin.

This is the first reason why autumn skin care process needs additional amounts of attention. The second could be called summer skin repairs. After the constant impact of sun rays during the summer months, fall is the time when this damage can be amended. In practice, this means that your skin produced layers of dead tissue as the result of sun exposure. Any residual sunscreen functions as a barrier for other skin care product to truly work, so the first step of repairing sun damage would be to exfoliate.

Additionally, vitamin C should find its place in your diet. It has the power to add brightness to your skin and decrees the damage caused by free radicals (brought on by sun exposure). Retinol, a variation of the vitamin A should also be used for the same purpose.

But the most important fact about the upcoming autumn months is the dryness that will become your major worry, caused by the gradual drop in air temperature. That is why it’s important to start regularly to use lubricants and moisturizers, and protect your skin from becoming dried out. The areas around the eyes and your lips are the first to be affected by dryness, so make sure you take care of them.

The last thing you should think about is the form of the moisturizer you will use. You will have both oils and creams at your disposal, but it’s up to you to decide what is most beneficial to your skin type, and it’s always a good idea to consult your pharmacist.

With these autumn skin care tips, your skin should regenerate after a long summer and keep its shine during the coming winter!

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