7 Rules for Day to Day Skin Care

7 Rules for Day to Day Skin CareForming the right habits when it comes to skin care is extremely important. Like the broader attention and devotion to one’s health, prevention is the key idea. Without these essential habits, even the best products or procedures present more of a damage control than a regular routine which should protect the skin, not only mend problems when they arise. These rules are simple and effective ideas on how this important process of caring for your skin can be accomplished. Here are some tips for the daily skin care process that can be practiced by anyone with any type of skin.


Rule 1 – Understand your Skin Type

Get acquainted with your skin, and try to get as precise understanding of your type of skin so that you can choose the products which will be most helpful.

Rule 2 – Be Gentle with Make-up Removal

The process of removing make-up for many women often looks like a brute force procedure. These and other kinds of rough treatments of the skin produce damage in a small but constant way. Be gentle and use pH-neutral removers which cans clean the skin gently.

Rule 3 – Attention to Delicate Areas

Lips, the skin around the eyes and other spots like this have much more delicate skin, and thus are in need of a more delicate approach. For example, the skin around the eyes is several times finer that other parts of the face. Skin care for these areas should be meticulous and done with patience.

Rule 4 – Exfoliate

Exfoliate no more than 6 times per month, and never more than two times per week. A pH-neutral product can produce smoother results, while it will still manage to purify the skin.

Rule 5 – Mind Possible Allergies

Use hypoallergenic skin care products so you don’t run the risk of triggering allergies connected to the skin, even if you believe you don’t have any. For example, hypoallergenic make-up can be used on even the sensitive types of skin.

Rule 6 – Moisture is Always Helpful

Skin, like the rest of the body, is formed mostly out of water. Keep your skin moisturized by using skin care on a daily basis, which will protect the constant water content in your skin, and an occasional moisturizing mask will also be beneficial.

Rule 7 – Beware of the Sun

A cool, dark tan is generally very sought after, but sun rays can produce a lot of damage (even lead to cancer). Use skin care products which include some form of solar filters. Prolonged exposure to the sun speeds up the aging process, so it’s better to think ahead and provide a steady means of protection.

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