3 Cosmetic Hacks To Save Your Looks [List]

Learn hacks that expand the use of cosmetic products. Use this to save your look whey you find yourself in a tight spot.
Beauty potion?Imagine this scenario: you’re in an insane hurry to get ready for a big event, only to realize that your XYZ cosmetic product is completely spent out. You don’t have the time to go out and buy a new one, and your current look depends on it. The clock is ticking and you have to make a decision. In this situation, it’s easy to imagine that you quickly slip into a state of rage and anger, both at yourself and at your cruel fate. But you don’t have to feel this the next time this happens to you.

With these practical hacks, cosmetic products can be transformed into something else and used equally well. While all these are quick fixes that won’t last for ages, each one of these tried and tested tricks really work. Here are ways how you can save your look using one or more of these cosmetic hacks.

1. Eye Shadow as Hair Dye

If you notice an uncolored part of your hair, you don’t need to rush to your hairdresser. Instead, use your eyeshadow of the right color tone and patch up the same part. This way, the discolored spot can be effectively hidden.

2. Lip Balm as a Remedy for Split Hair Ends

Place a bit of lip balm on the ends of the hair that looks messy and broken up. The balm will fuse the ends into nice and shiny singular hairs. This will repair any split hair ends almost instantly.  

3. Lipstick as Eye Shadow

This hack is widely used by professionals on movie and TV sets, but only because it works. To apply it just put a thicker layer of the desired lipstick on the back of your hand and add a drop of any water-based cream. The final mixture is a perfect eyeshadow that also acts as a moisturizer.

Remember, all these hacks are not meant to be used all the time, just for emergencies. But, in those kinds of scenarios, every one of them will pull you through. If you like them, share these #CosmeticHacks and help others learn about them.

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